About Fat Box


Southern KY audio anarchist’s Fatbox return with another red-hot helping of their innovative brand of groove-inflected mayhem on “Wasp”. Featuring the incendiary fretwork of Murf Adams, adventurous sax playing of horn man Ryan Stiles, and quirky-cool vocals of guitarist/keyboardist Clay Powell, this unorthodox collective throws the rulebook out the window, incorporating everything from free-form jazz to jam band improv and dance-floor groove to deliver twelve tracks of unparalleled originality. If Soul Coughing, early Santana and Tower Of Power had a baby mid-wifed by Frank Zappa, it might sound like Fatbox… but probably not.


Clay Powell: Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Murf Adams: Guitar, Vocals

Ryan Stiles: Saxophones

Paul Hatchett: Bass, Vocals, Keys

Jonas Butler: Drums, Trumpet, Vocals

Troy Mimms: Percussion, Drums, Vocals